The domain name is for sale.

Walt Jaschek, owner of the domain name, is selling it. Interested? It would make a great domain name for a site about Pulp magazines, Pulp paperbacks, Pulp comics — anything, well, Pulpish.

The price is $499, payable by PayPal. You can contact Walt via the contact form on this site. In response, Walt will give you his PayPal address. As soon as the money hits his account, he will transfer the domain from my registrar, GoDaddy, to your registrar. In our experience, it usually takes 24 hours for one registrar to transfer to another.

If you want the above Pulpish logo, also designed by Walt Jaschek, he is throwing that in free. He will send a high-rez file of the graphic if you need it.

Walt Jaschek is a writer of comics, copy and content and can be found all over the web, in places such as:

Walt Jaschek on LinkedIn | Career information and recommendations for Walt

Paul & Walt Worldwide | Funny Radio Commercials by Paul Fey and Walt Jaschek

Dang Gnats!™ | Funny webcomic about two outspoken insects, written and “drawn” by Walt Jaschek

Walt Now Creative | The personal blog of Walt Jaschek, featuring pics, clips and mirthful memories, such as this…

Bonus! Here is Walt Jaschek on the cover of Teenie Weenie Tales, as illustrated by Don Secrease and Bill Lux. This was a gag gift for Walt’s birthday. It’s so… so… Pulpish!


Hope you buy and hope you have a lot of fun with it.